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global, liquid markets, long and short: equities, government bonds, currencies and volatility

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QuantMatrix provides daily trading signals for the positioning of the fund


evolution of quantitative strategies: AI uses 100,000 times more computing power

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Correlation of <0.2 with traditional asset classes

AI is a cutting-edge technology that will be increasingly used in portfolio management and will experience further innovation in the coming years.

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AI in asset management: between man and machine
TRYCON AI Global Markets, one of Germany's pioneering AI funds, employs AI to conduct data analysis, anticipate market changes and for the investment process. The funds advantages lie in risk mitigation, moderate volatility, and a near-zero correlation to global stock markets. As AI gains wider acceptance (since ChatGPT has been receiving considerable attention), Tungsten Capital fund manager Pablo Hess discusses the future of AI in asset management.
AI-powered fund celebrates 8th anniversary
Strategy Video Tungsten TRYCON
Eurekahedge Podcast Interview – Tungsten TRYCON AI Global Markets
In a conversation with Eurekahedge (a leading data provider in fund news), portfolio manager Michael Günther explains why his AI-based TRYCON funds has been one of the top performing funds in 2020 (in particular during the first quarter when markets were hit by the corona crisis).
Corona Fighters Webinar-Replay
Portfoliomanager Michael Günther erläutert in dem knapp 10-minütigen Video die Strategie des Tungsten TRYCON AI Global Markets Fonds. Der KI-Fonds zeichnet sich aus durch niedrige Korrelation, attraktive Renditen sowie moderate Volatilität und hohe Liquidität.
AI-based CTA Tungsten TRYCON with 6-year anniversary