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About Tungsten

Tungsten Capital Management focuses on the management of a wide range of investment funds and -strategies. The product spectrum of the BaFin regulated German financial services provider unites clearly defined characteristics and parameter, which are described in the following section.

Under the name of “Tungsten Investment Funds” we manage a wide range of investments funds and –strategies.

The product spectrum is designed to address efficient and intelligent diversification components, by which investment portfolios are improved in a sustainable way.

At first sight, the implemented strategies may look complex, but offer at a second glance clear advantages. Further, the strategies merge a number of clearly defined features:

  • Sharpe Ratio / The ratio of return to utilized risk is one essential and consistent cornerstone of the fund’s portfolios
  • Economic Rationale / A clear defined economic rationale is the basis for every single strategy
  • Focus on highly liquid investment instruments / Within the strategies only highly liquid and/or listed capital market instruments are used. Derivatives, which offer an apparent efficiency gain, are used in a targeted manner.
  • Our product spectrum is divided in market independent strategies (Alpha) and strategies, which  are based on the risk optimized collection of risk premia (Beta).