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Achieving investment objectives. With AI.

Tungsten TRYCON is one of the pioneers of a new generation of funds that use AI to control the investment process.

Investment strategy

Digitization in portfolio management.

The Tungsten TRYCON fund uses artificial intelligence to identify trading opportunities in the financial markets.

The strategy invests in 60 global, liquid markets consisting of stock indices, government bonds, currencies and volatility. The multi-asset strategy can profit from both rising and falling price movements and flexibly adjust the portfolio according to a changing market environment.


Diversification with AI.

Tungsten TRYCON makes the power of AI accessible to investors.

The fund is largely independent of economic cycles and the direction of markets. It exhibits low correlation with traditional asset classes such as equity markets and bonds. A true investment alternative.

The added value for investors:

  • Different sources of returns and different trading opportunities (alpha)
  • High diversification effect
  • Models are kept up-to-date thanks to regular re-learning based on new data


Multiple awards

The TRYCON fund has received numerous internationally renowned awards since September 2013. A selection: