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AI Pioneers.

The TRYCON team has been working on the application of artificial intelligence to the financial markets since 2000.

Specialized investment team

Innovation leaders for AI in asset management.

For institutional investors, Tungsten TRYCON is one of the most experienced firms for AI-based investment funds.

The application of AI to the financial markets requires a high degree of specialization and extensive experience. The technological competitiveness of Frankfurt as a financial center is important to us. TRYCON sees itself in the tradition of German engineering - innovative asset management, made in Germany.

Our vision

New perspectives.

We regard the use of AI as a logical evolution of systematic trading strategies.

Tungsten TRYCON makes "digitalization" utilizable and aims to support investors in achieving their investment goals with the help of AI.

In view of rapid technological progress, many investors expect modern solutions in asset management as well. These can identify relationships in the financial markets that are hidden from traditional strategies.

The Team

The developers of the TRYCON strategy, Pablo Hess and Michael Günther, have been researching the field of artificial intelligence and its application to the financial markets for 20 years. They are among the pioneers in harnessing these technologies for investment decisions.

Michael Günther is responsible for the development of the proprietary portfolio software QuantMatrix, which uses artificial intelligence for investment decision in the Tungsten TRYCON fund.

Pablo Hess focuses on research and development of AI-based and quantitative trading strategies, as well as portfolio management.

Our differentiation

Technical edge through algorithms.

So far, there are only a few investment companies in Germany that use AI at the core of their investment management.

In contrast, TRYCON's research and development work began over 20 years ago. TRYCON funds has been successfully active in the market for over 10 years. With more than 50,000 trading transactions, the fund has one of the longest track records with AI-based trading strategies.

AI is not an end in itself: The fast analysis of large amounts of data is a top discipline for AI. With our innovative portfolio software QuantMatrix, we incorporate a large number of new variables into fund management and evaluate them using state-of-the-art data analysis methods.

We place high demands on the quality, availability and traceability of the information that goes into the strategy.

The support of asset management through artificial intelligence can bring considerable advantages. In harnessing this technology, we make sure that it is embedded in a strict risk management structure.