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As a regulated financial services company, Tungsten Capital Management GmbH has been operating successfully on the German and international capital markets since 2006.

One of our core competencies is the active management of investment funds from the „Liquid Alternatives“ segment. In mutual funds and special funds, we offer highly individualized solutions that enrich the broad spectrum of standard products on the market.

In addition, we provide consulting and other services to institutional clients (primarily pension funds) and family offices.


The TRYCON fund offers return opportunities independent of market developments - thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and an experienced, award-winning investment team.

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As a global multi-asset fund, Tungsten PARITON not only invests in a broad and diverse range of assets but also combines different investment strategies in its implementation.

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Sygnel P-22

The SYGNEL P-22 fund is managed purely as a futures fund. It has a special diversification benefit, particularly in the event of corrections, crises and bear markets on the stock market.

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