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Investment Policy

Tungsten ZENTURIO UI is a global convexity fund designed with the aim of providing a return stream with diversification and low correlation to broad based markets. Over the long run the return objective is Euribor plus 3 to 5% across the full business cycle. The approach of the Tungsten ZENTURIO UI is based  on the view, that there are inefficiencies in the pricing of implied vs. historical volatility. The Fund deploys a combination of multi-leg option positions with the capability to profit from volatility regime changes in both, high and low volatility environments. ZENTURIO utilizes exchange traded securities on equity and bond indices and single stocks, with an emphasis on an asymmetric risk reward profile, with liquidity and defined risk.

Manager Profile

Aashish Vyas

Prior to joining Tungsten Capital Management, Aashish Vyas was the Director of Portfolio Strategy and Overlays with Swan Global Management. He has over 20 years of experience in the investment management industry as a hedge fund portfolio manager focused on equity, credit, index and OTC derivatives, as well as capital structure arbitrage. Aash was a portfolio manager in convertible/cap structure arbitrage with US multi strategy hedge funds Silverback Asset Management LLC, and Seasons Capital L.P.  He was the founder and CIO and of Sonoma Creek Capital, a hedge fund focused on volatility overlays and tail risk hedging.  Aashish has been a keynote speaker on overlays and volatility strategies at multiple CBOE RMC global conferences as well as the OIC conference.  He also conducts interviews on global market volatility topics for Wall Street Journal, NASDAQ TV, Reuters, Equity Derivatives Magazine, and the Options Insider Radio broadcast.  Aashish holds two B.A. degrees from the University of California at Berkeley.